bringing a comprehensive approach, mixed with a local Lexington, Kentucky flavor to Internet marketing, branding, video production, local search discovery, and business development.

Residing in Lexington, Kentucky, the team at Digital Blue Beagle will enhance your business by combining digital marketing efforts with well-planned brand management strategies. One of our main goals is to collaborate with clients using our unique expertise which enables us to uncover your individual brand message while guiding you through the creative and digital marketing process. Our senior-level team is adept at working with organizations looking to find their personalized voice and improving their footprint in the digital marketplace. We also specialize in online business development which is geared towards refining and streamlining current processes in companies who are ready to ramp up their existing online presence and augment sales using a combination of well-executed digital marketing strategies and brand management techniques that will only help to strengthen your company.

We are able to provide a multitude of services such as, our exploratory Branding Workshop, extending to web design, videography, SEO, advertising and personalized business development. Higher performing results await you.

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Why You? Are you feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or overlooked in the vastness of the online marketplace? Do you know in your heart of hearts that people need to find, buy, and utilize your unique products? Are you lost when it comes to the current marketing terms such as SEO, PPC, Social, video content, and just how to utilize all of these tools together for your financial and company’s benefit? Do you have a great idea, but are not sure if the products and campaigns you have created match the message and intent of your company? Would you like personalized business consulting to help steer your company’s ship towards a brighter tomorrow?


Why choose us to service your needs? DBB has a wealth of expertise and experience with various genres of digital marketing to suit your needs. Our passionate team wants your digital experience to be the best. Therefore, we will employ industry proven standards and strategies to help assist you in your venture to claim your share of the digital marketplace.

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