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Landmark Log Homes

Landmark Logo

Landmark helps people realize their dreams of living in beautiful, expertly crafted log homes. DBB helped them more effectively communicate their story and passion by overhauling their branding, starting with clearly defining their brand personality through the DBB Brand Blueprint.


Website: Conveys brand story to help Landmark connect with potential customers.

Enhanced user experience with tools to aid in narrowing down floor plan options.

Visual design: New logo, vibrant color palette, and custom icons help Landmark stand out in the market and better convey a welcoming, helpful personality.

Brand Video: Visually striking way to showcase customers’ amazing homes, scenic locations, and fulfiling log home lifestyles.

Landmark Logo

GreenBox Heating & Air

Greenbox Logo
Greenbox Logo

GreenBox Heating & Air offers exceptional service throughout central Kentucky. Unfortunately, they were not reaching as many potential customers nor converting as many leads as they could have been.

DBB worked with them on a marketing strategy to target the right customers and build an effective sales funnel that incorporates email, video, and Facebook advertising.


GreenBox has seen a major return on their marketing investment. On Facebook ads alone, their monthly spend of $500 earns them $20,000 each month in sales.