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Revive Life House is a rehabilitation center for men, focusing on the root causes of addiction.

DBB helped Revive communicate their story and passion more effectively by overhauling the existing branding. Through the DBB Brand Blueprint, we started by clearly defining their brand values and personality.


Website: Designed a new website and story to highlight the transformation Revive delivers for their clients

Messaging/Positioning: Composed a clear message speaking directly to the problem they solve for their clients

Brand Guideline: Developed their brand’s archetype and voice.

Sales Pitch: Created a new, intriguing 30-second pitch built around showing the problem clients face and the solution Revive provides

Revive Logo

Landmark Log Homes

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Landmark Log Homes helps people realize their dreams of living in beautiful, expertly crafted log homes. 

DBB helped them rebrand their company. Through our Brand Blueprint workshop, we helped them develop a strategy to communicate their story more effectively. 


Website: Conveyed the brand story to help Landmark connect with potential customers.

Enhanced the user experience with tools to aid in narrowing down floor plan options.

Messaging/Positioning: Repositioned the Landmark brand and highlighted their unique capabilities to distinguish themselves from their competitors.

Visual design: Created a new logo with a vibrant color palette and custom icons to help Landmark stand out in the market and better convey a welcoming, helpful personality.

Brand Video: Produced a visually striking way to showcase customers’ amazing homes, scenic locations, and fulfilling log home lifestyles.

Lead Generation: Designed a downloadable guide used to provide valuable information for first-time visitors. This guide is the centerpiece to increasing their email list.

Trust Building: Constructed testimonial videos to build trust for potential customers.

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GreenBox Heating & Air

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Greenbox Logo

GreenBox Heating & Air offers exceptional service throughout central Kentucky. Unfortunately, they were not reaching as many potential customers nor converting as many leads as they could have been.

DBB worked with them on a marketing strategy to generate more leads. We created a Facebook campaign targeting their exact buyer persona. We also built out their entire sales funnel that incorporates email campaigns, plus long and short videos.


Facebook Ads: GreenBox has seen a significant return on its marketing investment. On Facebook ads alone, the average monthly spend of $500 produces over $20,000 in sales.