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Top 3 Hot Video Ad Trends

top 3 hot video ad trends

One of the most important things you can do for your brand or business is investing in high-quality video content, but if you find it’s hard coming up with new ideas or staying up to date on all the latest trends, you’ve come to the right place. This article shares three video trends that you can use to create more relevant and meaningful content.

Video Ad Trend #1 – Explainer ‘how to’ videos

One of the most popular and expected trends in 2021 is an increase in ‘how to’ and explainer videos. Research has shown that 53% of people watch at least two instructional videos a week, while YouTube has revealed that the search term ‘how to’ has increased by 70% year on year. 

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Video Ad Trends #2 – Immersive experiences

Another essential key trend in video ads for 2021 is the use of more immersive content. Technology has taken big steps forward in recent years, and the addition of 360-degree videos and Virtual Reality has transformed the world of digital content.

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Video Ad Trend #3 – Focus on storytelling

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Consumers are bombarded with content every day, which means your video ads must be helping you to stand out from the crowd. One of the most popular trends for 2021 is going to be the use of storytelling. After the difficulties of the pandemic, consumers want to feel more connected, so creating video ads that convey reality and allow viewers to relate to their own life will help you convert more consumers.

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