Our team is composed of innovative, curious, strategic and forward thinking people, who are committed to client success. Digital Blue Beagle partners with your business with the purpose of helping your organization achieve its desired goals, solidify the brand, improve visibility, and reconnect with existing, in addition to, garnering new clients to build brand loyalty and create higher profitability. If you are ready to take your business to the next level by utilizing a solid branding and marketing foundation, partner with our team of experts at Digital Blue Beagle.


Nick Coleman

Chief Executive Officer

After graduating with a double major in Political Science and Economics, from the University of Houston and following a brief stint in corporate sales, I discovered my passion for digital marketing. My vast experience and expertise in all forms of digital marketing has helped to fulfill my fervor for creating outstanding results for the clients I work with.

As a CEO, I enjoy imparting a high expectation for customer service, compiling product focused data and creating industry proven results with my team at Digital Blue Beagle. Our primary emphasis is creating innovative and personalized strategies on your organization’s behalf. We relish the opportunity to help bring our clients’ voice and vision for their companies to the surface and utilize these tools for success in their respective industries.

As a husband of close to 20 years and father of 3, I wholly embrace commitment, growth, and dedication to our clients. One of my mantras in both life and business is by Nelson Mandela, “If you want the cooperation of humans around you, you must make them feel they are important, and you do that by being genuine and humble.” Digital Blue Beagle is dedicated to creating a spirit of cooperation within our own team, as we seek to humbly serve both, our clients and our surrounding community.

April Torbush

Creative Director

After graduating from Eastern Kentucky University with a B.F.A., in Graphic Design, my marketing and design background developed into my role of being a Creative Director, with an emphasis of creating successful enterprises. The art of design has a huge impact on organizational success. Owing to the fact that, many business owners are pulled in various directions, often times branding, product consistency, and strong messaging tends to be overlooked. Newer organizations can sometimes overlook the importance of design with the thought that it should come after fiscal viability is achieved.

However, we have found by shifting the focus instead towards a strong foundational model of first, creating a clear message and product then, organizational alignment will cement a solid foundation for future business growth and ensure that key steps were not overlooked. This shift helps companies to avoid costly expenses associated with rebranding, repackaging, and relaunches. One of my favorite quotes is by astronaut, Mae Jemison, “Science provides an understanding of a universal experience, and arts provides a universal understanding of a personal experience.” Using those words, I enjoy being able to employ all of my varied skills, talents and creativity in my work and in service to our valued clients at Digital Blue Beagle to help businesses of any size reach the fullness of its potential.

Graham Skaggs

Content Producer

During my studies in film production/analysis, at Berea College, my interest in film grew from a culmination of varied interests in the fields of art, film, psychology, and storytelling. Since the first day, I picked up a camera back in 2013, I have learned the best videos tell a compelling and engaging story. Using videos to tell stories and engage your clients, is one of the perfect vehicles for building connections, trust, value, and authenticity between you and your audience. By focusing on your brand’s unique story, clear and concise video content is a successful tool in marketing efforts to drive traffic, increase sales, brand recognition, and product emphasis. I am a huge proponent of the storytelling process because it often reveals the heart and focus behind your brand in the most surprising ways. I look forward to the prospect of creating some incredible video content with you!

Kimberly Holiday

Director of Content

My passion for literature and writing was developed at an early age. By traveling around the world and experiencing numerous cultures, I discovered that my gift was expression through the various genres of literature, writing, and languages after focusing my studies on French, Spanish and World Culture & Literature, at the University of Houston. In addition, I concurrently, graduated from the University of Houston, Honors College with Collegiate Honors and a Creative Works Minor with honors which imparted an invaluable work ethic and to look below the surface to find the true story within the texts.

As a published author, former technology blogger, and motivational speaker/performer, I find copywriting a valuable exercise of my lifelong love of language and expression. One of my foremost goals at Digital Blue Beagle, is to listen and bring our clients’ voices to the forefront, through copywriting, editing, and blogging, which then enables our team to bring your company’s specialized messages to the forefront. In the words of Dr. Maya Angelou, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” My primary goal is to be of service to our clients by unearthing and expertly crafting, their untold stories. This invaluable process makes a company truly memorable and their clients more engaged, which is priceless.

Chris Richardson

SEM Specialist

There is a saying around the digital marketing community which goes something like, if your site isn’t ranking in Google (or other search engines), does it actually exist? My goal is to make your site as search engine friendly as possible. As a University of Kentucky graduate with a digital communication focus, I’ve worn many hats in the digital arena, including content, search, and social media marketing and by working together with you and the rest of the Digital Blue Beagle team, we will make your site stand out among the rest of the crowd.

As a member of the Digital Blue Beagle team, I will strive to help you reach your search engine ranking goals, while ensuring substance is apart of all of your upcoming marketing endeavors. As something of a geek, I don’t normally use scholarly quotes, and keeping true to that, I’ll offer the words of Afro Samurai, “my aim is to only move forward.” With targeted, quality content that’s easily found by Google and your intended audience, you possess the ability to move your business forward into successful waters, and it is my aim to help get you there.

JahMareon Guy

Business Development Representative

The diverse arena of sales has been my passion since I was a teen growing up in Louisville. While studying Public Relations and Communications at Eastern Kentucky University, I held various sales positions ranging from telemarketing, B2B, B2C, and entrepreneurial sales.

Having a huge passion for people, traveling and giving back, has led to numerous opportunities to connect with people and relate to them in ways, beyond the realm of hi and bye. One of my most life changing experiences was traveling to New Orleans to help build a home for an elderly man who lost his house in Katrina. To see everyone come together to help another human being was powerful and humbling. It was amazing to witness so many give of themselves unselfishly. Moments like these keep me uplifted about life and challenges.

It is my long held belief that connecting with others is paramount to both personal and professional success. As Jim Cathart said, “ Become the person who would attract the results you seek” and that is what I strive daily to do in my private and work life.

Abdul Wahab

Web Developer

Early on in my life, I realized that I was good with numbers, but I always felt that mathematics was a bit boring, imagine my happiness when I learned coding earlier in life. I don’t just embrace a “can do” attitude, but aIso, a “can code” mindset. I approach every development task as a challenge to keep raising my quality of work and time efficiency. I graduated as a Petroleum engineer, but soon realized that oil was not my passion. All the while, I had been continuously working on web development projects and was up-to-date with all of the tech trends. I am a self-proclaimed nerd. I can not make sense of a beautiful painting, but I can tell you the color of every color in it.